Practitioners of Isshin-ryu Kusarigama-jutsu may request orders for training kama. Please allow up to 1 month for production. All wood materials are hand selected from responsible lumber suppliers.


Here's how to order your kama.


Choose Wood

You may choose from Jatoba, Hickory or Hard Maple. Our kama are built to standard dimensions of 30cm for the blade and 36cm for the handle.

Jane Helf

Choose Goken

We offer smooth or hammered style goken. All goken are made from cold rolled stainless steel and are hand forged as a single integral guard for maximum strength and safety.

Himo and Fundo
Himo and Fundo

Himo and Fundo

Currently, Himo and Fundo are not offered. Practitioners are recommended to consult with their teacher on their dojo's preferred fundo. Himo are also a personal preference, as different materials have different performace results.

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Fill in the form and be sure to specify wood species and goken style. You may also add additional customization requirements and we will contact you shortly.

Please note, current processing times from request to delivery are 1-2 months.

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